Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #3

Last week was a good week for me, clothes wise. The weather was great, so I could bust out some springy outfits.
First let's start off with what I'm wearing right now.
Top: Ross
Jeans: Seven for all Mankind (eBay!)
Sandals: Marshall's (Kid's section-- clearance)
Bracelet: Target (also clearance)

I guess it's apparent that I do not like to pay full price for stuff.
Here's a better shot of the "shoe/pant combo" <--- A term coined by my friend Bridgett in high school, who would always notice if my shoes were too narrow for my pants, or if my pants were too short for my shoes. She taught me a lot.

And I even did my hair today after closely studying this video. It's a little less curl and a lot more frizz than I would have liked, but what can I say... one morsel of moisture and my hair goes full 'fro.

These are some of the highlights from last week:
Tunic: Thrifted
Leggings: Marshall's
Necklace: Straight up stolen from my friend Karina
Flats: Gap Outlet
Messenger bag: Thrifted

(I've had these shoes for five years. They are my favorite!)

Another day last week:
Top: Ross
Skinny Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: Tarjay
Flower Necklace: Mandipidy
Flower hair clip: Straight up stolen from my sister Jessica

I won this necklace in a giveaway on Swell Swag. I love Mandipidy's crocheted accessories, and I get mad compliments on this bad boy. Also a lot of people asking why there is one yellow flower and the rest white. WIWW3.9
Because it's cute, that's why!

I hope you have enjoyed this installment of WIWW. I have. I've learned that I wear jeans too much, and that I need to stop stealing from my friends.

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  1. Too cute!!! I love your pictures, and that great tile in your bathroom ;)
    I tried that hairstyle, i got a fro too... but i rock it anyway!!!

  2. The 1st outfit is my fave. I love the shoe/pants combo. And that necklace that you won is soooo cute.

  3. i think you should do a link party!

  4. OH and I featured your craft room on my linky party. You can grab my featured button if you want! It wasn't this week, but last week. Thanks for linkin'!

  5. I love that tunic with the leggings:-) xoxo