Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years, and all that jazz...

In case you hadn't noticed, I took a little bit of a blog break. Both writing and reading.
I tend to get overwhelmed during the holidays. I'm busy, you're busy... we don't have to explain these things to each other. 
It's almost the new year, and we are all trying to reinvent ourselves, and make changes to be better people and all that, so I've got to focus a lot more on my writing. I'm starting school again in a few weeks, and since it will be my last semester, I'm going to have to make it a priority. 
Even if that means I don't update the blog as often, I promise that when I do, the content will be worthwhile. 
In the meantime, here's a little somethin' somethin' to keep you satisfied...
All this and more can be found here.
You're Welcome :)