Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Digs.

So this is the new blog.
I had previously been blogging at Fancy Funky Fresh, which was mostly about my sewing and crafting projects and occasional tidbits about my Etsy shop (also named Fancy Funky Fresh). I decided to switch because I often found that I had things to say that were not so crafty. And as a result I hardly got around to posting at all. So I thought I would just smush everything together into one really cool place. If you are looking for a particular post from Fancy Funky Fresh, I have kept that blog intact, but won't be posting there any longer.
Onward and upward.
I named this blog "A Case of the Yellows" because yellow is cheerful and pleasant to look at. I really like things that are visually beautiful and part of this blog will be to share those things. Whether it is a craft, a design, something made by me or someone else, I'd like to share it here.
I have a lot of interests: food, movies, books, decorating, sewing, weddings (my sister is getting married this year!), and anything else that happens to grab my attention.
I thought in order for you to get to know me I would post a little about myself in the form of a questionnaire, courtesy of the Oprah website.

Who was your favorite celebrity as a child? If we're talking about celebrity crushes, it was Leonardo DiCaprio all the way. I recently fell back in love with him after I saw Blood Diamond. He puts on quite an attractive South African accent. If we are talking about favorite child celebrities, I'm going with Mary Kate & Ashley.

What type of pets do you have? One dog. His name is Forrest, and he's a puggle. Expect to see plenty of photos like this one:

What is your favorite color? Blue. I actually thought about calling this blog "A Case of the Blues" but that sounds like a super emo sad girl blog that I wouldn't want to read. Yellow is my second favorite color.

What is most memorable about your high school years?Wanting to be somewhere else. High school was not the most fun for me. But I did find my best friend; that was lucky.

What word describes you best? multi-dimensional. Haha the hyphen allows a 2fer.

What is your greatest accomplishment? So far, it is becoming a person I'm proud to be. I have some more specific goals, I just haven't accomplished them yet.
What drives you every day? Sometimes I'm not really sure. Maybe just the fact that I'm curious about what the day will bring. Although I do have to admit that my normal daily activities don't require a ton of "drive."

What is your favorite food? There are very few foods I don't like. Actually I can't even think of one thing I will absolutely not eat. With all those options, how am I supposed to choose a favorite? I will stick with my favorite genre of food and that is Mexican. Italian is a close second.

Where do you want to retire? Leave it to Oprah to ask this question. At the ripe young age of 22, I haven't really thought about it. I do know that it would take an army to get me to leave California though.

What is your business goal this year? Another Oprah question. I really just want to expand my Etsy store and start selling more at fairs and craft shows.

Where do you like to vacation? My favorite vacation place is Leo Carrillo state beach in malibu. My family camps there every year, and some of my best memories are from there.

Who do you admire? People who aren't afraid to be unique.

What is your mission? To experience as much of my life as possible, and to inspire others to do the same.

If you were invisible, where would you go? Hogwarts. Hey if invisibility is possible, then so is the wizarding world. I love magic.

What traits in others are you attracted to? Kindness, confidence, sincerity, sense of humor, creativity, willingness to listen to me.

What would you do with a million dollars? Isn't it kind of sad that a million dollars doesn't go very far these days? I think I would just pay off all of my debts and then travel. It would be cool to not have to work for a few years.

If you were on an island, who would you want to be with? Why? I would definitely choose Brendan, my sweetie. Not just because he is my mate and I'm in love with him, but also because he is incredibly handy and resourceful. he could probably build us a shelter or an escape raft. Plus he would make me laugh the whole time and take my mind off of eventual starvation.

You have a 10 minute speech to give at a high school, what is it about? Being open-minded and respectful of people who are different. Young people could do so much more if they were willing to accept other cultures, religions, lifestyles, and beliefs.

Ok, let's see here... I think I have covered mostly everything I wanted to say for my first post.
Oh yeah, the header for this blog is from Yummy Lolly. Its very cute, right? My design skills are touch and go. Any help or suggestions would be welcome.
Also if you have any other questions about me, my shop, or the blog, feel free to ask. I love comments.

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