Thursday, February 10, 2011

Janemade Jewelry Reader Discount

Brendan's mother Jane is a wonderfully talented jewelry maker! She sent me a gorgeous amethyst mobile/suncatcher awhile back and I thought that was really pretty. Then she sent me a necklace, and then a bracelet. I knew she should be selling her creations... it would definitely make for a fun little side business, and some extra income.
She still lives in South Africa, and she uses her very precious time on the internet to Skype with her boys, so she asked me if I could set up a shop for her. Of course I agreed.
She is hoping to come visit the U.S. soon, and then she will be running the shop herself.
This past week I've been experimenting with taking photos of the gems in different lights and writing descriptions for the necklaces. So far I have a few listed, but she sent me quite an inventory, so I'm still working on getting everything photographed. Here is a little taste of what you can expect to see at Janemade Jewelry:

These things were so great to photograph! They capture the lighting a little better than the fabric stuff I usually take pictures of.
We are offering free shipping to all U.S. locations, and until February 28th, a 15% discount to readers of this blog! Just follow my blog and enter coupon code YELLOW15 at checkout.
For right now, the only listings available are for pendant necklaces, but I am working on getting bracelets and key charms listed. Please let your friends know about Janemade Jewelry, and about the discount!
Thanks for stopping by :)

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