Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday on a Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, not Monday. I must remember that.
So this weekend was fun and productive. I didn't get a chance to go fabric shopping, but I did receive an order I placed from fabric.com to get me through the week. Plus my stash is huge as it is and I probably have enough to make anything my heart desires for a whole year.
The VC Handcrafters Etsy meeting went well! I met a bunch of super creative women at all levels of Etsy selling experience. We discussed a lot of helpful topics, and I think having a group with which to talk shop is going to benefit everyone involved!
Then it started raining and I got lazy. It was just too tempting to cozy up with a coffee and get caught up on Jersey Shore.
Sunday was the best. We went over to my parents' house and I brought all of my sewing supplies. I cranked out a bunch of ruffled clutches and coffee cozies. My sister Bari is a great helper.
I also finished my February swap gift. I won't mention what it is, because I want my recipient to be suprised. Well actually I only finished the one I'm giving away, but not the one for me, so I need to keep working.
I just need to take photos and create shop listings for all the items I made this weekend, that's the tedious part.
I took some more photos for Janemade Jewelry, so be sure to check out the new listings.

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