Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Cute Stuff Sale

I'm so excited to tell you guys about the news!
I'm selling some of my handmade creations at the Cute Stuff Sale hosted by NiceGirlNotes!
This sale is so much fun.... Here's how it works.
I'd be so thrilled if some of you participated. There is laughing, there is dancing, there is buying, there is smack-talking. It's a blast!
Don't worry, if you can't make it to the sale on FB, there will be a discount offered by all of the participating shops... 15% off! The discount code is LOVENGN, which you enter at checkout anytime during the week following the sale.
My shop, Fancy Funky Fresh was featured on the NiceGirlNotes blog the other day. How cool is that?! It is truly one of my favorite blogs to read for all the funny stories, cartoons, and of course, cute stuff.

All of the items featured in the Cute Stuff Sale will be discounted at least 25% and all prices include shipping. I'm selling some of my best sellers like coffee cozies and Carry-It wallets. Plus some new stuff too. Like this:
Crossbody Bow Bag

Get excited folks! Let me know if you plan on participating, I'd love to see you there.

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