Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Look What I Made... Wanna Win It?

Hi there. I'm so so SO excited to share my most recent project with you! I've been admiring these little leather cross body bags. Here are some I really like:
I thought since I have been working with vinyl a lot lately that I could manage something like this. So I went to work last night on a black faux leather crossbody purse.
...And I did it!
leather bag 3
leather bag 4
It is the perfect size to hold all of my essential items. But it's small enought that it doesn't allow me to collect junk (which I tend to do when I have the capacity of a large bag).
leather bag 5
The inside pattern is a geometric Amy Butler Home Dec fabric... which I've had forever but hadn't got around to actually using. I think it works well here.
Here's my outfit for the day:
leather bag 1
Top: Ragdolls
Jeans: Seven for all mankind (ebay!)
Shoes: BC footwear (Nordstrom Rack)
Necklace: Mandipidy
Purse: made by me!
leather bag 2

Ok, wanna win the purse?
I'd like to announce my first reader appreciation giveaway! When My blog reaches 50 follwers, I'll have a giveaway and this will be the prize! As of right now, I'm at 42 follwers. So tell your friends about my blog, my shop, or just about this great purse and we'll have a giveaway!
I'm looking forward to meeting new friends :)
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  1. I shared ya on my facebook page!! Good luck girly!!
    Great job on that uber cute bag!!!!

  2. I found your blog through your sweet gal above me (Megan).
    Super cute bag!


  3. I found your blog by following Megan's link on Facebook. Interestingly enought I found Megan from a link on Agape Love Desings & Photograhy's blog. Love the bag.

  4. Such a cute bag!! And how funny I found this link from Sherri.. the comment above me. :)

  5. I meant to also say that Im going to share this link on my FB page (www.facebook.com/agapelovedesigns)
    and if youre interested in getting more followers/advertising, please feel free to check out my sponsor options (all free at the time being!)

  6. Wowzas at the crazy linkage and networking going on between Amy, Sherri, Megan, and Maria!!! Loves it!

  7. You made that bag?! It looks awesome! Crossbody bags are the best.

  8. I love purses and that purse is so cute that you made. You definitly have a new follower!

    -Nicole Alicia

  9. amazing! I wish I had the patience to make something that beautiful! New follower, can't wait to enter.

    I'm hosting my first giveaway, too. Enter if you're interested. =)