Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Spoils of the Cute Stuff Sale

My winnings from the Cute Stuff Sale came in the mail this week!
I know that I bought them, so they aren't winnings per se... but if you participated in the CSS, then you know just how insane the competition actually is. And these are definitely wins.
From Linkel Designs, I got this purdy pink ring. Look at the adorable packaging!
I can't quite capture the light in a way that shows the true color. But just imagine a more vibrant pink with sparkly flecks.

And from Lilac Ave. I got this wonderful lotion bar. I wasn't quite sure what a lotion bar was, or how it would look/feel/smell... 

So here's the deal, that little flower is like a solid piece of lotion that you rub onto your skin. Mine is the aloha scent, and I just rub it in between my hands for a few seconds and it's the perfect amount of moisture. I suffer from "sweaty hands syndrome." That is a medical term that basically means my hands clam up, and lotion is usually a bad idea. But this lotion bar is amazing, and I can be more precise with where I put it as opposed to liquid lotion that goes everywhere.

I highly recommend both of these shops!
Look for them in the next Cute Stuff Sale
Have a great weekend :)

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